Hi guys! My name is Annie Butler and I’m the Education Family Programs intern here at the High for 2016! I’m so excited to tell you all what it’s like to work here! Let’s get started.


I’ve been coming to the High since I moved here when I was eight! My favorite exhibit was the Terracotta Warriors in 2008 and 2009. Here are some (very low quality!) pictures of me on a school trip to the High.





Every day I ride the train to work. I like racing by the cars sitting still on the highway and knowing that I’m helping the environment by taking public transportation!


giphy (1)


I get into work, put my lunch in the break room refrigerator, and head up to my desk. Since I’m working here for 2 whole months, I decorated my desk with inspiring postcards, colorful artwork from kids, and yummy snacks.



I usually send some emails on my very own computer, fill up my water cup, and head to the family workshops! In our purple classroom, I water our plants then refill the family self guide boxes (I helped make these! We worked really hard, so come by and check them out!)


IMG_3840 (2)


I usually have some things to do in the galleries! Part of my job was to find all of the artwork that fits with our monthly themes—this month’s theme is outer space! I get to wander around my favorite pieces of art. Here’s me with one of my favorites! (Check it out on Stent level 2!)




On Thursdays, we have Toddler Thursdays, so I get to play and make art with you guys! Those are my favorite days.


TT 2.jpg


Sometimes, we get tours of the museum from curators and get to have lunches with important people, like the director of the museum, Rand Suffolk! We even got to see how they design the exhibits: they make a little tiny model of the museum!




Lunchtime is fun, especially on Fridays when food trucks come!


food truck


I’ve made a ton of friends here! I love my fellow interns and my supervisors Grace and Nicole! They all work so hard every day, but are always smiling!




At the end of the day, I’ll usually work on the self guide for another month. Come back in September and see the self guide I wrote all by myself!




At the end of the day, I take the train back to my house and cuddle with my kitties!




Thanks for following me around for the day! When you grow up, you can work at the High, just like me!