Here’s another interview with child actor, Mackenzie Luper in the Alliance Theatre’s A Christmas Carol.

Mackenzie Luper

Age: 11

Character: Belinda Cratchit

What was the first play you saw? Tell me about your favorite moment in that play: 

– I was in Kindergarten and it was This Land is Your Land, it was the first graders! The grand ol’ flag part, where they were waving flags and sang was my favorite part. 

Have you always wanted to be an actor?

– All my life and a Singer.

What was the first play you were in? What character did you play? 

– Kindergarten Play at Eliot Elementary School, I was the Cow Girl!! 

What’s it like going to school during the day, and working as an actor in the afternoon/evening? 

– It very exhausting but super fun and a lot of work. 

How do you like working with adult actors in this production? 

– I like how kind they are. By watching them I’m learning how to take direction. They don’t cry after being told to change something.

 What surprised you about the rehearsal process? 

– How many scenes there are and how long it is, I had no idea how fun it would be. 

Have you ever felt nervous in rehearsal or performance? If so, how do you get past that nervous feeling? 

 – Yes. I do a warm up and once I get out there it all fades away!

What advice would you give a young actor trying to audition for professional theatre?

– Do your best. Be prepared. Listen to direction, but don’t take it personal. You will do great! 


-Olivia Aston Bosworth

Family Programs Manager

Alliance Theatre